Great Donor Care


I have had an AMAZING donor experience with Nothing But Nets.

I came across them about a year ago and really liked the concept and some of the stuff they were doing. Recently when thinking about getting married myself and Gemma decided that instead of doing favours we were going to buy a net for every guest who attends (we were really taken by the impact a net has when we saw it on Comic Relief). Liking what Nothing But Nets does I decided to contact them and just ask if we could get something small to put on each table to let people know.

They have been fantastic.

Firstly they replied to my initial email within a couple of hours and straight away made me feel like I was important to them. I emailed an info@ address (which I tend not to like) but the reply to it made up for it, I was speaking to a person, Julie, and she gave me her email address and direct line so I could call her if I wanted to.

I went back with a few questions or thoughts that I had and Julie came back to me and really over delivered on my expectations. Lots of suggestions and she emailed me a whole load of stuff.

What I really liked was that Julie was taking a personal interest in the donation and she was so appreciative, not in a gushing way, but in a genuine way.

So well done Nothing But Nets. A great donor experience (oh and we still have to complete the donation as we still dont know the numbers attending our wedding).


One thought on “Great Donor Care

  1. Thats brilliant. Will copy it to my board and CEO!

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