Knowing your client



I was fortunate enough to get to stay at the Malmaison Hotel in Newcastle yesterday. These guys know their clients. I was really impressed by this sign in reception. Clearly hotels are places where people come and have business meetings in the reception. Most hotels, or a lot of hotels, make people a little uncomfortable about this. Not Malmaison, they seem to embrace it and encourage it.

Just made me think that we need to try understand the people that come to our organisations and challenge ourselves into thinking…why are they here? If we can answer that question then we can start delivering a better donor experience for them.


One thought on “Knowing your client

  1. I used to work in a 4 star, and then in another life called on them to sell wine. And you are right. The conference business is like tinea, kept hidden and treated intermittently to attention. In a fairly new hotel in Mullingar, they actually print the conference signs on A4 paper and stick them to the doors – how hard is it to make an adaptable quality sign?

    As to who comes to our organisation? I find it best to ask them. In other words to try and open a conversation through blog, facebook or discussion board private messaging as to why they need us or why they have approached us. Asking rather than telling…


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