96FM’s Cork for Kids Radiothon


It kicks off at 6am this morning. These guys did an amazing job last year (and thanks to KP for what she did to get this off the ground in year 1),  I have heard some of the stories that families have been kind enough to share with them this year and they are incredible.

What always gets me about these events is the fact that, no matter what the families and children have been through, they have nothing but good things to say about the hospitals. Cork is no different and CUH and Mercy’s children’s wards do amazing work, day in and day out.

This event is being run in conjunction with Children’s Miracle Network (yes thats who the day job is with).  Its going to be great.

Tune in online here or follow my twitter updates here


2 thoughts on “96FM’s Cork for Kids Radiothon

  1. just want to comment on the amazing strength of the parents who are telling their story on air. i dont think i could remain so strong if roles were reversed!

  2. An amazing 330,000 euro was raised

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