Running out of Charity

That was the headline in the Irish Times today where the author goes on to quote numerous heads of fundraising about how bad things are. I think Tim O’Dea came across as being most balanced.

What frustrates me about this is overall its not balanced its all about doom and gloom and I genuinely dont think it helps us to be fueling this fire. As for the title! Give me a break.

Read it here, if you like.


One thought on “Running out of Charity

  1. At the risk of sounding like we don’t need help.. not so much the case here!

    If the recession is teaching us anything; it is that MORE companies are looking for the Halo of fundraising alliances to give people a reason to buy.

    People want to shop, they feel guilty about it. So you can give them a massive discount (which makes them wonder why you were overcharging them for the last 8 years) or you can value add. And letting them know you are supporting a positive and effective charity that gets to where it counts!

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