Sustained Giving seems to be doing ok

I still hear from organisations that their monthly donors continue to drop off and cancel. Two recent articles from Professional Fundraising and Philanthropy UK seem to suggest across the sector that is the trend but people are still signing up to help non profits:

The Association of Payroll Giving Organisations reports that the number of employees signing up to payroll giving schemes has fallen only slightly.

Figures from APGO’s five member professional fundraising organisations show that 60,366 employees signed up to a payroll giving scheme in the 2008/09 financial year, compared with 60,942 in 2007/08.

Source: Philanthropy UK

The number of direct debit donors has increased significantly, but so too has the number of donors defaulting on their commitments, according to new figures.

Direct debit donor levels are 600,000 higher than 2007, according to figures from automated payment processor Bacs Payment Schemes, which has labelled reports which claim direct debit cancellations are on the rise as “misleading”.

Source: Professional Fundraising Magazine

Some great advice from Michael Chambers, Bacs managing director,  who suggests charities should offer their donors more flexible payment dates.


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