Why is Social Media Important to a Brand?

I came across this on the Engaging Brand Blog and thought it was worth re posting (hope thats ok?)

Social media should be part of a brand strategy for 5 main reasons

  1. A brand succeeds when it bridges a gap inside the consumers mindset of where they are now and where they want to be….social media can help build that bridge – it can work with the consumers on answering their fears, their questions….lead them from their reality to achieving their visions (being slim, educated, healthy, green, successful etc)
  2. Brands need advocates to spread the word – nothing better than social media for recommendations, shareability etc
  3. Brands need to communicate at all levels and to all emotions
  4. Brands need to listen, not for the sake of it…but too evolve.
  5. Brands need to be consistent and constant in their consumers lives. RSS allows that opt in approach from the consumer which stops forcing the brand into the consumer’s life.

Originally posted by Anna Farmery on the Engaging Brand Blog


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