22 Ways a Blog can Rock Your Social Media Campaign

I did a presentation recently on Blogging and why you should Blog (you can check it out here).

I came across this today and thought it was a great follow on from that. I found it on JohnHaydon.com

  1.  Your blog will enable you to deepen relationships with your fans. They find fresh, relevant content that is useful them – and have a place where they feel heard.
  2. Your blog is a powerful way to attract new visitors by demonstrating social proof.
  3. Your blog will save you money on IT costs because blogs are easy to use and maintain.
  4. This ease of maintenance adds to the sustainability of your organization.
  5. People using Google will find your non-profit a lot easier if you have a blog. Blogs get much more search engine juice than traditional, static websites.
  6. Blogs are much less expensive to host and manage than traditional websites – and most hosting companies feature “1-click” installation of blogging software, like WordPress.
  7. Your HR recruiting strategy can be enhanced by having employees regularly blog about why they work there. And by the way, pay isn’t as important as you think.
  8. Your key executives will learn to speak in a more human voice through blogging.
  9. You, yourself will become a better writer through regular blogging.
  10. You can trash your marketing theory in exchange for valuable insight into why donors really give you money.
  11. You will employ the Law of Karma to promote your non-profit on the web.
  12. You will experience a spike in the number of visits and depth of engagement from your fans.
  13. You will even have parties with your blog (with horns and cake), because it actually can be fun and easy!
  14. Your blog will be a tool to enhance and develop valuable partnerships with other non-profits.
  15. You can increase donor conversion rates with content that is relevant and useful.
  16. You get the support of a huge community of thousands of other non-profits.
  17. Having a WordPress.Org blog includes access to tons of free (yes, free) software for your blog.
  18. You’ll empower your board members to talk about why they love your non-profit. Yes – they can write, can’t they?
  19. Instead of waiting for your IT intern to return your call, you’ll communicate urgent news very fast with your blog.
  20. Your blog can be a tangible way to value your staff, enhancing retention.
  21. A blog will help you refresh and refine your passion – which is the whole point anyhow. Right?
  22. You will be able to learn more about social media just by jumping in and starting a blog.

3 thoughts on “22 Ways a Blog can Rock Your Social Media Campaign

  1. Thanks for reposting! I hope it’s useful to your readers.

  2. I am sending this to our B.O.M in September. Wish I had it when they made me sit through a “critique” from a Autie Dad who thought that Blogs were dangerous and user sign in websites were the way to go.

    People are reading the IAA blog every 10 minutes on average – The Stats are there on the page.

    As for user Sign-in? Hello Facebook!!

    (why re-invent the wheel?)


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