Charity Water have 1 Million Followers on Twitter

The first charity to have 1 million followers, congrats. Now they want to harness that into 1 million people getting clean water. I really love the work they do and how they demonstrate their impact, you should really check them out.


Great User Generated Content

When you can get user generated content it is great, when its this good its phenomenal. Your supporters are probably some pretty smart and creative people who may just be able to create stuff like this if you just ask them. Dont be afraid of what they are going to produce, I can hear the comms team now…its not to message! Well their perception is the reality so embrace it.  I was shown the clip above by Steve Bridger and it was made by someone who attended a Big Lunch event on their street this year. Its great

Adidas and Puma on Peace One Day

Im not 100% sure what to think of this. Part of me thinks its great, a great way to get two big brands involved, then part of me thinks it kind of belittles what some people have to go through in the world. What do you think?

Create Success

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

People want to be part of something thats a success, I think we all know that. I remember hearing a story about a nightclub that opened (probably have all heard a version of this) and they just turned the lights on, music on, opened the door, created a line and let no one in. Next week the line was bigger because people wanted to know what was so great about this place that they couldnt get in.

I dont really care if its true or not, its a great story and makes a great point, people want to be around things that are successful.

What prompted this. Well I got a message from an organisation over the weekend that made me think about this. Here’s the message:

Dont want this fundraiser to be a total disaster, anyone else interested in coming along?? Let me know soon please, thanks”

Do you think thats going to make me want to go along and join them?? I dont think so.

A feeling of success creates success, even if its an illusion of success. Would this message (or a version of it) have made me feel different?

” Hey, we have had a great response to next weekends event and I know you don’t want to miss out so I am just telling you about the last few tickets available……etc…”

Concert promoters do this all the time, they sell out and then release some last minute tickets, they create a demand and a feeling of success.

Donation vacation….with results

Well done to Damian at ask direct and Tim and the team at Irish hospice foundation. Damian posted yesterday about a mailing Irish hospice foundation did talking to donors about it being ok if they needed to cancel their monthly gift.

This is something I posted about on Dec 18th, a donation vacation.

But Damian and co have done it and have results.

4 people cancelled.

4….not 40….not 400…..4

Fantastic. And others increased their current gift. Guess how many?


What a result. Talk about building trust in your organisation. A brave strategy that has paid off

Read my donation vacation post here

Read damians post from ask direct here

Children’s Miracle Network Autumn Forum




Since my very first post over a year ago I rarely talk about my work on this blog, bar announcing Radiothons, but this week we have a pretty exciting event on and so I am going to share it with you.

First-ever Autumn Forum Brings Hospital and Media Representatives Together for Children’s Care

Tomorrow marks Children’s Miracle Network’s first Autumn Forum at the Edinburgh Marriott Hotel.

Attendees can look forward to interactive, information-packed sessions as Children’s Miracle Network brings together the brightest minds in fundraising, marketing and media.

“This forum is the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland,” says John Hartman, chief international officer for Children’s Miracle Network.  “We wanted to create an opportunity for hospital relations teams and media partners to connect and uncover new ways to benefit sick and injured children in their community.”

The Autumn Forum line-up of speakers include the following:

Steve Bridger, Buzz Director – online consultant to the British Heart Foundation, the Labour Party, and the Church of England; coaches organisations to use social media to effect positive change

Steve Reynolds, Talent Coach – one of the most respected radio consultants in the United States; this is his only speaking engagement outside of the US over the next two years

Drayton Bird, Marketing Guru – acclaimed speaker and best-selling author of Some Rats Run Faster and Commonsense Direct Marketing; former Chair and Creative Director to O&M Direct, the world’s largest direct marketing agency network

Participants include representatives from children’s hospitals and foundations, as well as media personalities and planners across the UK and Ireland.  The seminar runs from Thursday, Sept 17 until Friday, Sept 18 and thanks to Foresters for their ongoing support.

Non 1st, change 2nd

This post is simply to re direct you to a great post by Seth Godin today.

In it he talks about the problem with non….non profit.

“I know what you’re not but what are you?”.

Seriously go check it out here, now…..