Golf with Stars


I really like this. Golf Classics have struggled in recent times with companies shying away from such events. Some charities are still doing ok while others have had to discount or cancel.

Bothar have taken an innovative approach to the traditional Golf Classic with this Golf with Stars event. Instead of selling teams they are selling raffle tickets and then you and your friends can play with a well known Irish sports personality. You cant decide who you would like to play with though…thats another raffle the day of the event.

I think this is a really clever idea. It costs 20 euro to enter (it seems that this covers green fees too…I assume it does) and there will be 15 winners picked who can then bring friends to join them on the day. Critical mass will be important in this succeeding and I do wonder will not being able to say who you would like to play with will have an impact, if you are entering because you want to play with Paul O’Connel and dont get to play with him will you be disappointed? Maybe not,  I guess you know entering thats the risk. If I am to be critical I am also not mad about the website or supporting radio ad (I thought it was for a newspaper sports section)

Anyway I like this idea, well done Bothar


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