6 steps to helping your fundraisers….1 missing

The non profit times has a good article on 6 secrets to making your athon event a success, all of which are very good. Common sense maybe to you and me but maybe not to someone who signs up to take part in your event.

They have missed one though….I think. And that’s your role.

We can’t just take these people for granted, once they sign up let them on their way. You wouldn’t hire someone to work in your office and after a 5 min introduction let them on their way….would you?

No, you would support them, check in with them, meet them. I think you should do this with your athon supporters too. With social media this can be done in groups, and then you can do individual contacts too.

If you think you can’t do this, check out can too in Australia and tell me what you think.

These people aren’t fundraisers so don’t think they are.

The article in non profit times is good, and worth a read, but I think they have missed a trick. You can read it here


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