Create Success

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

People want to be part of something thats a success, I think we all know that. I remember hearing a story about a nightclub that opened (probably have all heard a version of this) and they just turned the lights on, music on, opened the door, created a line and let no one in. Next week the line was bigger because people wanted to know what was so great about this place that they couldnt get in.

I dont really care if its true or not, its a great story and makes a great point, people want to be around things that are successful.

What prompted this. Well I got a message from an organisation over the weekend that made me think about this. Here’s the message:

Dont want this fundraiser to be a total disaster, anyone else interested in coming along?? Let me know soon please, thanks”

Do you think thats going to make me want to go along and join them?? I dont think so.

A feeling of success creates success, even if its an illusion of success. Would this message (or a version of it) have made me feel different?

” Hey, we have had a great response to next weekends event and I know you don’t want to miss out so I am just telling you about the last few tickets available……etc…”

Concert promoters do this all the time, they sell out and then release some last minute tickets, they create a demand and a feeling of success.


2 thoughts on “Create Success

  1. You are so right! Something we all need to be thinking about right now.
    Di x

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