Bmycharity – Free My Charity


The buzz yesterday on Twitter was all about Bmycharity dropping charges for fundraisers on their site, charities just pay a one off set up fee of 150 pounds!   They are starting the Free My Charity campaign. Great idea, certainly puts it up to the competition doesnt it?

Here is what they say about it:

We believe fundraising should be free. So we’ve stopped charging commission on your donations! We’ve built a great system that makes fundraising easier and more efficient – now we want every penny to go to good causes…..Other sponsorship sites charge between 2% and 5%.

How we offer a free service

We don’t charge commission fees to charities, but we do need to generate income to continue to provide our services to charities and to fundraisers. We do this by offering discreet sponsorship and advertising opportunities to carefully selected companies who support our vision of making fundraising free. So if you’re invited to register for a credit card (for example) when you’ve made your donation please consider it! We don’t share your personal data with any sponsor or advertiser.

Here is some more information from their Blog

Interesting stuff!


2 thoughts on “Bmycharity – Free My Charity

  1. Thanks for the post Conor – we’ve had a great response so far!

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