New Barnardos (irl) TV ad

Paul Dervan was telling me about this ad. It’s really well made, some pretty powerful images, I think it certainly shows what things can impact a childs life and the impact that they have. Im not clear on how Barnardos help though after watching the ad? It does make you think though. My biggest issue with this ad is the Call to Action, or really the lack of it.


4 thoughts on “New Barnardos (irl) TV ad

  1. i like it conor. There is a 30 and 10 second ad to follow initial burst. It’s tough gig trying to draw people into a story when asking for cash at same time. In my view, the best ads and best way to communicate is through stories. Their strategy of engagement first, then heavier direct response seems reasonable. I wish them best of luck. (I heard response / donations have been very positive in first week)

    • I dont think anyone doesnt wish them well Paul. Few charities (especially in Ireland) advertise and its very brave of them and their board. I think with the inside knowledge that you have of the campaign strategy it allows you make the comments you have, I think you need to consider Joe/Jane public seeing this out of the context of the information you have.


    I have to say I heard the radio ad over the past few days and think they have done a much better job on that, call to action is strong, the great thing about radio is you create your own images, perhaps they got distracted by the great images on the TV ad. I think a version of the Radio copy on TV would have made this good ad great.

  3. I agree with Conor – the 60-second ad is long enough for direct response, so why is the phone number/URL thrown in just in the last 5 seconds and why is no specific action called for? There was plenty of time to make a decent proposition on HOW you can change a child’s future.

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