Fred Hollows Foundation wins Gold Star Award

The Fred Hollows Foundation was the winner of the Gold Star Award for non-profit video advertising at this years IFC. I really liked this video, I was engaged by Fred’s story, I understood what Fred had done and I felt like I could be part of his legacy by supporting the foundation and have an impact, the quote from Fred saying that Every Eye is an Eye . I think the way the piece was put together was very moving too.  Well Done

Ian Haworth, RAPP’s Global Creative Director, says: “The winning film showed how a real, human story can evoke such an emotive response.  The awards demonstrate again the power of moving image.  It also highlights the huge opportunity we have to take film into the online space.  We have never before had the platforms we now have to deliver powerful relevant film content to our audiences.  People can be immersed in the content and interact with it.  This is going to be a new golden age of film.”
“This Award not only recognises excellence in fundraising videos but gives NGOs the opportunity to compare and learn from others doing the same thing.” adds Alan Bird, Marketing and Communications Director of the Resource Alliance.


3 thoughts on “Fred Hollows Foundation wins Gold Star Award

  1. yeah, it was good. although is this not same debate about call to action? Only appeared for a second or two?

    • Yes, it possibly could have been made earlier and longer, but when it is made Paul you are left in no doubt as to what it is.

  2. Gabi Hollows is pretty amazing too. They did a very strong job of promoting the cause in Australia years ago, when I wasn’t even linked in with NFPs.


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