Make a Wish (irl) Ad

Make a Wish Foundation Ireland have had an ad made for them by Ogilvy and Mather. The agency got (in their own words) world-class Irish & international illustrators, TV production companies, animators, television networks, media owners, printers, ordinary joe-soaps and no less than John Hurt to chip in all their time and services free, gratis and for nothin’. The press, outdoor & TV that resulted is something we should all be very proud of.

The first time I saw the ad I kind of knew it was for Make A Wish, maybe because I know the organisation. John Hurts voice was a great call, its really engaging. But the ad didnt stop me in my tracks, it took 18 seconds before Make A Wish was mentioned and I think the call to action after that was a little vague. I dont want to sound like Im dumping on charity ads here all the time, I just think that when you have an opportunity like this you should make the call to action strong (I say this in criticism of work done by my own organisation too, so Im as critical of what we do too!).

Having said all that Make A Wish is a wonderful organisation that does great work with a small team and very limited resources, I really like them a lot, and hats off to Ogilvy for getting together all the people they did to pull this campaign off, looks like they have secured ad space worth half a million euros already.


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