Adopt a Word

Adopt2I came across this on Twitter last week and thought it was just brilliant. The concept is really clever and pretty simple:

The English Language is up for sale. I CAN, the children’s communication charity, supported by Collins, is giving you the chance to exclusively own part of the English language at .

All proceeds go to I CAN and its work to help children who struggle to speak and understand words.

So whether you want to buy ‘gold’ for your girlfriend, ‘pashmina’ for your mum or just a ‘treat’ for yourself, from just £20 the word can be yours to look after for a whole year, to punctuate and place in sentences as you like.

I bought the word vegetarian for my wife for her birthday (and no thats not all I bought her!). You can also buy merchandise like key rings and t-shirts with your adopted word on it and you get an adoption certificate. To date they have raised 33,000 pounds from adopted words.


I just love the link they have made between what they do and their fundraising.  Well Done

Check out the post on SOFII which details the background and objectives of the campaign, thanks to Ken Burnett for highlighting it to me


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