Nominations for Best Christmas Campaign

christmas-tree-inside-the-houseI think Christmas brings out some incredibly innovative ideas in charities. Years ago the Christmas pin or badge was the big thing, recently its the Christmas gift list.

Well this year I’m setting out to find the most innovative and creative Christmas campaign. It can be a new twist on an old idea, an old idea re worked, a brand new idea. It doesn’t matter to me, if you think its the best Christmas campaign out there…let me know.

Your nomination can come from your own organisation or can just be one you have seen and like, I would ask though that its a campaign being run this year.

So send me your ideas, email

Nominations close on Nov 25th.


10 thoughts on “Nominations for Best Christmas Campaign

  1. Your readers may also be interested in

    It’s like ‘Heifer meets Thousands of tangible donation “gifts” from hundreds of nonprofits: preserve an acre of the rain forest, fund an hour of cancer research, provide books for kids, etc. You’re certain to find something for everyone on your list.

    You can even personalize a beautiful printed greeting card, which includes a photo and description of your gift. And to let your friends know you would welcome such a meaningful gift this year, you can create a wish list or registry.

    (disclosure: CtP is a client of my firm)

  2. The Pimp My Goat Campaign from Farm Africa caught my eye this week:

    Not strictly a Christmas campaign, but will no doubt develop a festive tone as we head towards the 25th December.

    • Hi Daniel

      Thanks for nominating Pimp this Goat. We will be carrying on this campaign over Christmas, and we’re hoping to receive lots of festive Pimped Goats that we can show on our blog.

      Here are some great examples of Pimped Goats to give you some inspiration:

      Donations to this campaign will be used to help farmers and communities in eastern Africa work themselves out of poverty through improved management of their crops, livestock, forests and access to water.

  3. Heart Children Ireland will sell Reindeer Food in Argos and Homebase stores for 2euro, Fantastic fun for kids as they spinkle this dust on the ground on christmas eve and guide the reindeers with santa to deliver their presents and best of all, all donations go to Heart Children Ireland. the support group for children with congenital heart defects, one of the most common of all birth defects affecting 1 in every 1000 children born

  4. I love how author Rocco Leonard Martino offered his truthful satire in his book, “Cancel Christmas.” While reading, we are reminded that the “Greed is Good” philosophy needs our vigilance in a world that should care for the needs and rights of the individual. He offers hope in a distressed world. A perfectly helpful book during a time when we need these sorts of messages most.

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