Poppy and Legion Live

poppyFor some reason…and I dont know why….but The Royal British Legion didnt strick me as an organisation that would be embrassing new media…shame on me. They have launched Legion Live which is being driven by ‘Poppy’, a virtual character who generates content and spreads it through her own blog. LegionLive is a hub for Serving and ex-Armed Forces, their families and wider supporters.

The plan is for LegionLive to bring all these people together under one roof, and then give them the tools to interact with each other. They can write their own blogs, join and create groups,message each other and offer advice and support. Poppy’s own blog is updated every day, as well as picking up content created by LegionLive members on-site, she reports on other Legion news of relevance.

I asked how people were responding to a virtual charachter they told me that “Poppy is new, so at this stage not everyone knows what she’s about, or why she’s been created, but in this short space of time she has been very well received and that members haven’t hesitated to directly get in touch with poppy and address her as they would an ordinary person”

There plan now is to “keep up the momentum and keep her relevant” ……I like that plan!

Well done to the Royal Legion…and sorry for not thinking this would be a Legion thing to do…good on you.


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