Do your supporters feel ownership?


I was in a taxi on the way to the airport and the taxi driver was talking to me about his favourite football team. What I found intriguing was the way he referred to the team.

He didnt say they or them….it was WE. Everytime he mentioned Arsenal he said WE…like he was the one had played the game.

I spoke about this before to a commercial director of a football club, he was not new to sport but relatively new to the country (UK) and I asked him was he surprised at how fans were about the club. He wasnt surprised but he did say that their sense of ownership of the team was incredible. If the club isnt succeeding the fans will let them know what they think, if they are they are the reason why. Cleverly he is embracing this and their focus is on the fans and making sure everything they do puts them first.

Imagine if your supporters and donors felt that sense of ownership about your cause? Wow the potential is huge isnt it? We all too often think of donors comments about what we are doing as being a little annoying…what would they know. Not all the time, but sometimes you just want to pull your hair out. But perhaps you should be embracing this. First of all they care enough to comment, so give them a forum to do it in. Of course you can’t listen to every comment or thought, imagine if a manager of  a team did that…it would be a mess. But by engaging people from the ground up you can allow them feel ownership.

I can’t wait until I hear someone refer to a cause as theirs and when they talk about the work it does say…We…


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