A great fundraising email

Charity:Water do great stuff. Not just in terms of their mission but their fundraising also is fantastic (check out this genuine Twestival video).

The great Scribbly Bark blog brought their wonderful fundraising email to my attention. It really is fantastic. It comes from their CEO, opens with a message from him, underneath the picture above, and then goes into a story from Becky their water programme director.

Becky’s story is great, so well written and engaging, but genuine (ie it doesnt feel like Becky spoke to someone in an office in New York who then wrote the copy, maybe she did but it doesnt feel like that!)

This opening line “Driving down a bumpy road in the middle of Northern Uganda we were kicking up dust as we headed into the rural countryside.” brings me right to the place Becky is.

Becky loves her job “I have a pretty incredible job” nice to hear that isnt it. 

Then some facts “I’m in awe of how they manage. But of course, they have no choice. The average woman in Africa walks three miles every day for water. Often, it’s water from putrid rivers or disease-infested swamps. Worldwide, women are more than twice as likely as men to collect drinking water”

Then the reality of the Impact Charity:Water is having “once you visit a few communities in the neighborhood, rumors of your presence spread like wildfire. We jump out of the truck and walk into a party. The women meet us with exuberant cheering and dancing. Pure and loud joy rocks the village.”

What I found really interesting was that there was no ask in the entire email. You had to get right to the end of the mail before you got an ask. Brave move. But the donate button is big and bright and the subsequent donate page on their site is really great

Read the full email here


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