The Foundation

So is it funny? The Foundation is a TV show in Canada, kind of looks a bit like the office, and it follows the “crooked and corrupt” director of a philanthropic organisation. I have only seen some clips on line and it looks ok. Is it a good thing to have this kind of thing? I dont know…part of me thinks why not, but Im just not sure. I wonder what the reaction has been like in Canada or elsewhere?


2 thoughts on “The Foundation

  1. Having worked for corrupt nonprofit bosses, I would be concerned that a show like this would encourage that kind of behavior.

    Then again, it could also help nonprofit bosses be held more accountable.

    The fact is, if the board is checked out, no one holds nonprofit bosses accountable. This show is probably more “real-world” than people would like to admit.

    • I havent seen it, just seen clips, and it is clearly a comedy, but I had to wonder where they were inspired for the content!

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