Best Christmas Campaign

Ok so some things I have learnt from this idea of mine….Next year I am going to ask readers of this Blog to Vote! It was so hard to make my mind up, but I have.

I thought this campaign was a really creative way to piggy back on something people do already (always great for grassroots fundraising). The support being offered on the website was great (down to a link to a list of Christmas Songs). They focussed people on doing it over this weekend, which again I like (I believe if you say whenever you like people tend not to know when to do it). I don’t know what their communication plan was around it or how many groups have signed up, but I think the simplicity of the campaign is great. Carol Singing for Charity isnt new, but trying to own it is a great move by Christain Aid. I really enjoyed this video too. So well done Christain Aid and the Big Christmas Sing.

I can’t go without recommedning some of the other nominees that I really liked:

  • Heart Children Ireland are selling Reindeer Food that children can sprinkle on the lawn and it sparkles, simple and relevant. Nice work
  • Mencap have done a really nice job around this, great video on the site and this mailing looks great too
  • I’m not the biggest fan of charity gifts (sorry) but some clever twists on it that I like are from Changing the Present (kind of like a gifts portal) and Pimp this Goat (you get a little goat to pimp and thats the gift you pass on)

Oh yeh…I think next year I should turn this into an awards thing!


4 thoughts on “Best Christmas Campaign

  1. Conor,

    Awards for this would be a great idea. A lot of work but would provide some much needed attention to these campaigns and make charities get a little more creative at the end of the year. If you need assistance, I’m willing to help out.

  2. Yes, let’s vote next year. I’m up for it. And BTW, I just love your snow. A nice touch.

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