A new year already!

Where does the time go…its incredible to think we are into a New Year, a new decade. I know for many of us we will be glad to see the back of 2009. So before I get back into blogging for the New Year I just want to wish everyone all the best in your fundraising for this year.  This is a time of year that we all make resolutions, but its probably not a bad time to step back and realise that the work you do is pretty amazing…so well done you (Pat on the back time!)

Looking forward to your company in 2010 (are you calling it two thousand and ten or twenty ten…Im not sure yet!)


5 thoughts on “A new year already!

  1. Happy New Year to you too!

    I’m not sure who started this but here is a link to an explanation about why we ought to use twenty not 2000.


    Thanks for your blogging Conor. All the best for a great year!


    • Thats very good…actually before i read it I decided it has to be twenty as I never said One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Five for 1995!!

  2. Happy New Year Conor. Looking forward to your updates in 2010! Marie

  3. I’m liking 2010 too. Happy new year conor! xx

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