Great Ad – made me want to donate

But its not for a charity. I think these ads for the CWDC Be the Difference campaign are fantastic. I think they make a really strong case. When I saw them first I thought they may have been for someone like Age UK or Barnardos.


2 thoughts on “Great Ad – made me want to donate

  1. Hi, I completely agree with you, these truly are amazing adverts, i spoke in my blog review of them how they really make me want to stop and read (i’m referring to the billboard ones). I actually feel like going out and finding the ones i haven’t seen. I think its just the pure simplicity of them that works so nicely… I’ve never actually seen any on the TV but i did watch them on their website and I have to admit, once again simplicity has paid off. It would be really nice to see this campaign get some further recognition. Nice little post!

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