Pepsi Refresh Project

Pepsi have ditched their 33 million dollar super bowl advertising campaign in favour of a this new philanthropic effort, costing 20 million. A cycnic may say its a cost cutting measure but I think its a clever and more impactful move for Pepsi. 

Starting February 1, people can vote to give grants to a number of health, environment, culture, and education-related organizations. Pepsi plans to give away multiple grants each month, including two $250,000 grants, 10 $50,000 grants, and 10 $25,000 grants. Before Feb 1st visitors are encouraged to submit their own organizations and grant ideas.

This reminds me a bit of the Guinness 250 year celebration idea, or the Chase Facebook campaign. Pepsi’s initiative is certainly another step towards the mainstreaming of crowdsourced philanthropy.

We fundraisers need to be ready to move in this direction. Pepsi are, like guinness, looking for big/great ideas that will make a difference. Does your organisation have a great idea?

I came across this on NancySchwartz twitter page


One thought on “Pepsi Refresh Project

  1. Great post. Interesting article. I think this is a great change from the same old super bowl commercials. Thank you.
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