More Corporate Voting Campaigns

I spoke before about the fact tha companies are going down the route now of asking their customers to vote for a cause that they want their funds to go to. There is something about it that I dont like, it pitches needy organisations against eachother in a form of popularity contest and in many ways it seems likely that the bigger ones (logically they will have more supporters) will win the big bucks. Maybe doesnt seem fair. I understand the thinking behind it from the companies perspective, but then wonder how does the random charity that gets selected really match up with their needs. I would rather a company to make a strategic descision on its charity partner and to commit to them over a long term period, make a difference, have an impact. But this voting thing is the reality we are faced as charities, so we need to find embrace it, I guess!

Anyway what made me post about it today was this from Irish bank AIB. In many ways I like what they are doing, they are committing to fund a project local to each one of their branches,  they have come up with a short list of 3 in each area and are asking customers to vote. So one wins 5k and then 2nd place gets 3 and 3rd place gets 2k…this I like a lot. I do like the map they have on their site and that you can go to your local branch and look at who is up for the money and you can vote, I would love to know more about the local causes though.

Any other examples of these kinds of campaigns? Any that you think have really got it right?


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