What Corporates want

Oh if we could answer that question we would all be in a great place wouldn’t we. It can be very hard for us to know what is going to tick the boxes of corporate partners when we are making approaches. Even if they have information on a website or annual report or even better CSR report its still hard to be sure what is going to excite them about your organisation.

Well Impact is something that will always get attention. And here is a fantastic example of Impact. Lisa tweeted about this the other day and I was pretty blown away by it. It’s an iPhone app that O2 have helped develop with Grace and her mum (Lisa!). O2 are charity partner with Irish Autism Action, and have been for a number of years now. The partnership has really seen the charity grow and they are now, in my mind, one of the top charities in the country, doing amazing work.

Right so back to the app. The app is based on a communication book, which helps the child communicate through pictures. Anyway the normal communication book is made up of loads of pictures and velcro and apparently is quite messy. This iPhone app has all the pictures in it and allows the child select the pictures it wants to help with the communication.

This app is being tested still, with O2 giving the iPhones to be used, but it looks incredible and looks like it could really make a massive impact to the lives of children, not just autistic children, but lots of other kids too.

So imagine how great O2 are feeling about the Impact of this app that they have helped create. Well if you want to know have a look at this news piece and see…..


3 thoughts on “What Corporates want

  1. Wow! that will teach me to go on holiday to Australia where my sister has no broadband. Sorry I missed this Conor and thankyou so much for sharing it. xx

    • Thanks so much for the comment, I was about to pass it to Lisa, but she has seen it! Its great to hear that it is really as useful as it seems to be.

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