All things being equal

I often read CSR case studies that say that “All things being equal the consumer will buy from the company that supports a charity”.

Well last week I was one of those consumers. I was in a petrol station shop and was buying a bottle of water (I know bottled water!). Anyway I was faced with an array of water…something like this

Normally I buy Volvic water (and the reason for that is the old Volvic 1 for 10 campaign) and so I went to pick up a bottleand then I saw this:

I found myself looking at the price and despite it being shockingly expensive (1 euro 40 cent!) it was the same price as the other branded bottled waters of the same size. So I put my bottle of Volvic back and picked up the bottle of pink Ballygowan.

When I was back in my car it struck me what I had just done and that it is true, all things being equal we do tend to go towards the product that supports a charity, well I do.

I really like this campaign, Marie Keating Foundation does great work, I would like to see how much per bottle goes to the campaign and what the Impact of the donations will be, a little more than supporting breast cancer awareness. But all in all this is great campaign, well supported with a marketing budget and it has brought the Ballygowan brand to the front of my mind in the very crowded bottled water market.

PS look at this cool bottled water alternative


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