Pepsi Refresh – Part 2

I know the Pepsi Refresh Project is now in its second phase with a whole host of new ideas for people to vote for. I know the project under went a little controversial blip last month, but lets move on. There are so many projects to choose from. I initially loved the look of the site but the more I looked at it the harder I found it to find stuff and I kind of got a bit dizzy, I also had to register to vote, wasnt a long process but it nearly put me off.  I am also torn about voting for a project, it just seems unfair for a charity to put all their resources into a campaign to win and then get nothing.

Having said that more than one charity does win and we all spend time and resources putting together pitches for corporate support so this isnt much different. And finally you would have to commend Pepsi for spending (some) of their Super Bowl advertising budget on this campaign. Anyway check out the site and vote for a project you like (you get more than one vote).

Update to Post – March 30th 2010

There has been a further controversy surrounding this project as highlighted on Beth Kanters Blog. Its worth reading her post and just as interesting the comments that form the debate. Check it out here


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