Trocaire – Lenten Campaign

Trocaire pretty much own the “Lent Fundraising” space. Not saying its the only fundraiser at this time of year, but you wouldn’t really go up against them in this particular space. When I was in school I remember the Trocaire Box coming into the class, you used to actually be excited about it. There was strictly one per household so I used to hope I got it first. Back then of course I didn’t think there was a strategy, a marketing plan etc…behind it, I just thought it was a box we had to put coins into!

Well the campaign hasn’t been around as long as it has out of pure luck. I was in the cinema last week and saw this ad and thought it was fantastic.

Its called “If only hunger was make believe”. Granted I was in the cinema so was kind of captive, but it did make me stop and think, I wonder could there have been a text call to action at the end, it was at a stage when people still have their phones out doing that final check to see who texted them, would be interesting to see if they tested that at all.

I have also seentheir online stuff too and its very good. Below are screen grabs of the one ad from  the Irish Times website, they move from an image of a microwave and the headline “How Long until your next meal” this then becomes a 6 second countdown and which point the final image appears telling you that a child has died in those 6 seconds and the image is from their cinema (and possibly TV) ad.  Great work by Chemistry and Trocaire and I hope the campaign is a huge success for them


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