Demonstrate Value

I came across this year old post this morning from the Brand Reputation blog and just thought the sentiment was interesting. I am always keen to read what those outside the not for profit sector looking in think. Hope you enjoy

Charities need to demonstrate value to increase donations

There was a story on BBC news the other day about charities facing a downturn on corporate donations as a result of the recession, but I think that whilst the recession is the main catalyst, it’s actually the way charities are communicating with their supporters which is having the biggest impact on reduced donations.

It is inevitable that corporate philanthropy (i.e. donations by business with nothing in return) will decline rapidly as the recession continues. Charities therefore, need to offer a level of value to the donating business to encourage them to keep spending.

This could be either tangible demonstrations of how “investments” (rather than donations) are being used for capital projects etc or to provide the employees of the donating business with experiences (team building events that also benefit the charity e.g. repainting a village hall, cleaning out local rivers, etc). These ultimately provide value to the donating business through results such as increased staff motivation, more effective teams, enhanced employee engagement and so on.

Charities are not unlike the majority of businesses trying to ride out the recession and everyone now needs to focus on their communications with their customers and the public and on how their proposition really adds value.


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