Ask and you SHALL receive

Over the past three weeks I have been involved in events where there was a reluctance to ask people to give. Well that’s not entirely true. There was a general feeling that asking people to “give what you can” was the appropriate ask.

I have always fallen firmly on the side of……you need to tell people what you want them to do,  if you dont,  they do nothing. This was borne out in what I have observed over the past few weeks.

When you ask people to give what they can, they dont know what you want them to do. They start questioning whether the amount they had in their mind is too little, or not worth the call. Once they start to question what they should do, you lose them.

When you tell people exactly what it is you want them to do, they then only need to think about whether they want to make the donation or not. I also believe that you don’t lose those who can’t afford to give at that level, because they may still feel passionate enough about your ask to donate something.

The more things you give people to think about when it comes to donating the less likely they are to donate. So tell people what you would like them to do, how much you would like them to give, and then watch them give at that level…..and above


2 thoughts on “Ask and you SHALL receive

  1. I couldn’t agree more – I’ve always found that specific asks have a far better return. In my area of knowledge (charity shops), if a shop needs more volunteers, I have always asked “When, and doing what?” and the manager always says “Oh we need anyone on any day!”

    I always had to explain that asking for someone to help out on the till on a Tuesday afternoons would be more likely to get them someone to help out on the till on Tuesday afternoons, whereas an open ask would be just as likely to get noone as it doesn’t ‘speak’ to anyone.

    I think people consider it reducing their options, but it’s really more likely to wield a result…and then you bask them with the next specific ask 🙂

    • Thats a great example about the charity shops….and you are right people do think that specific = narrowing your field. But I always remind people your target market isnt “everyone” and if it is you are in trouble!

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