Amnesty – Read It or Bin It

I came across this appeal last week from Amnesty International. It popped out of a paper I was reading on a train and I thought it was really engaging. I am a big fan of long Direct Mail pieces, three, four pages, go for it. But for a short piece I really liked this. 

I would love to know more about it, does it form part of a larger campaign, is it across different channels etc…I mentioned it on twitter and Amnesty UK said they would let me know the results, so if they do I will share them.

What do you think of it?


3 thoughts on “Amnesty – Read It or Bin It

  1. Dear Conor,

    This seems to me to be an extremely effective piece of fundraising mail, leaving the reader with a clear choice to join or admit to being an apathetic silent wimp.

    I enjoy the off-kilter nature of the typeface as well, so many nonprofits think they don’t have time to do good design, when they really do, if they want their marketing copy to get read.



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  3. Pingback: Amnesty’s “Read it or Bin It” insert – follow up from Amnesty « Conor's Fundraising Blog

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