If We Ran the World

I got the email below a few weeks ago from Paul Dervan.

Paul had been telling me about this site called If We Ran The World and he had decided to start using the site and was looking for me to do a micro-action on it. I had to look into this a bit more!

 The site was started by Cindy Gallop  “as a quick, simple and easy way for people and businesses to turn good intentions into action.”.

From what I understand Cindy set up the site because she knew how many people had good intentions but failed to turn these into actions. Lets face it we all do. So the premise of the site then became a way to connect people with needs to people with skills. They hope to “harnesses good intentions and download them into tangible, do-able microactions that anyone and everyone can do.”

So how does it work? Below is a summary of how it works from their website and you can find out more here


Decide what you want to do. Answering the question, ‘If you ran the world, what would you do?’ identifies what you care enough about to want to do something about. Make it as tangible and achievable as possible. Ideally, localize it. For example, if you’d like to ‘help the homeless’, why not decide to ‘start a food and clothing drive for the homeless shelter in my local community.’

When you answer the question, you have three choices: you can start an actionplatform of your own to make it happen. You’ll see the other actionplatforms (in yellow) related to your answer that other people have started, that you could join instead. And you’ll see all the microactions (color-coded) related to your answer that you could pick up instantly and do.


you choose to start your very own actionplatform – what microactions do you need to make it happen? Have a think about what the very smallest steps are that go to make up your actionplatform, and create them. Don’t overthink it – you can always go back and re-edit or re-order them. So, for the food and clothing drive for the homeless shelter, microactions might be:

  • Ask local retailers to act as donation drop-off points
  • Design a flyer to ask for donations from the community?
  • Run off 200 photocopies of the flyer
  • Put flyers up around neighborhood to tell people where to drop off donations

This site has such great potential, I like the fact that these are microactions, they are really do-able, think about how you can apply this to your organisation. Imagine connecting with a local company who would happily add 200 copies to their print run for you, or who would offer you a free meeting room, or add your 20 sandwiches to their catering order for your next volunteer meeting?? Simple things, that will help you out.

I had a few problems with the site. When Paul sent me the micro-action he wanted me to do it was a bit vague and so I was a little confused by the site and what it wanted me to do. But I think its actually Paul’s fault, he was vague. So the lesson there is make sure you spend time making your micro-action clear.

I think the homepage of the site needs a little more information on it too about what it wants you to do, what its all about. Again I was a little confused when I came back later to the home page to take a look around the site again. Just some more basic information would have been great.

Finally I thought the little tool bar at the bottom of the page was frustrating…it made it hard to read the whole page.

I plan on using this site and I would encourage you to use it. Like anything the more of us that use it the more populated it becomes and the more effective it is. Click here to visit IfWeRanTheWorld


2 thoughts on “If We Ran the World

  1. Hi Conor
    thanks so much for this post for. Yes, as we are still in test phase we are working on all this great feedback we have been getting from people like yourself, so thanks and keep it coming. I want to introduce myself as the boots on the ground for IfWeRanTheWorld here in Ireland and am delighted to see how the Irish are picking up on this initiative. You are absolutely right, the more we start using IfWeRanTheWorld and spreading the word, the sooner we will be able to start creating the movements for positive and sustainable change that we all want to see happen but aren’t quite sure how to go about it alone!

    • Well I hope to start using it in the next couple of months myself. I have sent it along to a few other people and they were a little unsure how to use it, found it hard to leave feedback in the micro-action, send messages about it, search who was doing what etc… Im sure you are busy with all this feedback and I look forward to seeing the changes that are made, as they are made. Conor

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