Sunday Times Rich List 2010

The 2010 Sunday Times Rich List was released yesterday.  Every Fundraiser in the country probably has one but its still a useful resource.  Apparently there will be some information online next week for those that didnt get a copy.

They do have an annual giving list, which is great, and the paper reports that:

Crucially, we find that the rich are still opening their wallets for charitable activity. Our annual Giving List shows that the top 100 charitable givers donated £2.493billion last year, down £324m from £2.817 billion the year before.

Although this represents an 11.5% fall, most of the charity accounts relate to the year to April 2009 — a period when the fortunes of the super-rich were plummeting by the day, leading to the 37% fall in their wealth reported in the 2009 Rich List. So, relatively speaking, philanthropy remains buoyant, with several windfall donations establishing foundations that will generate huge sums for generations to come.


One thought on “Sunday Times Rich List 2010

  1. I have noticed that a lot of the rich list sites / studies / list / commentary are giving far more column inches to the role of philanthropy and long may it continue. For a lot of these people making money is the end in itself, they almost do not know what to do it with it when they have it. Bernie Eccleston is a classic example – He has very low key tastes. Getting them to see that others are feted for their giving is a great way to encourage them too to give.

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