Why you should Hand Write your Thank You’s

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You know what its like when you get a hand written thank you card, it makes you feel special. Don’t we want to make our donors feel special?

So is it worth taking the time to hand write your thank you notes?

Its possibly not realistic to hand-write all your thank you notes, but maybe you could take the time to write one a day? Ask all your staff to write one a day.

I think by doing this something else will happen in your organisation. You will start to look at all your appreciation communications. As you hand write a note you will look for ways to relate the donation to the donor, to talk about impact, to really personalise it. Thats not something we do with mail merge. We tend to categorise donations into campaign pigeon holes and so the person that responded to mailing X gets thanks letter X and the person that donated because of event Y gets thank you letter Y.

By taking the time to hand write some notes, not only will you make those donors feel great (do it randomly too, dont just pick the big cheques), you will start to think about how you can apply this right across your organisation.

So while the idea of hand writing all your thank you notes may be a bit idealogical, you should look at how you can apply your hand written note thinking to all your thank you letters (should they be letters by the way?)


4 thoughts on “Why you should Hand Write your Thank You’s

  1. Yep. You can be sure a handwritten letter will stand out in the morning post, when people are walking towards their bin to drop the junk mail into it.

  2. I agree. And an email does not count as you can’t leave an email on your desk or dresser for anyone else to see.

    I have friends who went to Cluny – they always do a thankyou card (must have been drummed into them by the nuns) and I made it my habit to do so too.

    Especially with regard to media – after a positive item I always send cards to everyone involved. When I need them to cover something for me, they are more likely to take my call. And it works xx

    • That is so true. This post actually is as much a reminder to myself, I try to do it, but then I fall out of the habit, but I know when I do it goes down well. Would be great to have it as something that formed part of your organisations culture wouldnt it.

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