Jamie’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver gets movements, I think he always has. He has an incredible capacity to understand and capture the pulse of the nation and then translate that into something really positive. He is an incredibly inspiring guy. His first “movement” was 15 where he set up a restaurant to that offered young people in need of opportunity a chance to train as chefs and carve out a different life for themselves. He then moved onto his school dinners campaign and the ministry of food. He never came across as patronising in any of his campaigns, just geniune.

Now he looks like he is breaking the States with his Food Revolution. Its kind of the Ministry of Food (and a bit of school dinners) but tweeked for the American Market.

What has struck me about it is how he has managed to package it into a movement. I read the press about it, follow his tweets, and even though I am not in the US, I want to get behind this movement. But why? Is it because its Jamie Oliver? I don’t think that’s (just) what it is, although I think it has helped. I think its because he understands the essence of a movement.

I am a big fan of the movement. I think its something we need to look to create within our organisations. Im not saying ditch everything, but I am saying, within the work you do, how can you create a movement. The NSPCC were years ahead of most of us on this with their Full Stop campaign. Others are doing it really well, like Charity Water and TOMS Shoes and Nothing But Nets.

This whole area is something I have been looking into a lot lately and I have been trying to answer the question….What is a movement, in order to determine how I can create the essence of a movement within my own work. Here is what my research has led me to:

  • —By its very nature a movement is something people can get behind – it has momentum
  • —It has a direction (clear goals) —
  • It is not a once and done sort of event.
  • —It is not fully controlled by anyone….there is no formal hierarchy able to seamlessly pass down orders.
  • —It is a group of people simultaneously acting in a similar fashion. —
  • The group share a common belief that leads them to act —
  • Members are excited about the idea and the action, and so they actively pass it throughout their group
  • —The movement sets to make a positive change.

What would you add to the list? Have you any great examples of a movement?


2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Food Revolution

  1. Perfect! A movement takes on a life of its own instead of being an event that is done and gone. It is all about finding the tipping point to take it beyond.

    • Thanks Karen….yes it really is about something that has a life of its own. Its a little bit like creating it and then letting it go

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