An Introduction to In Memoriam Fundraising

Ask Direct are hosting a seminar ‘An Introduction to In Memoriam and Tribute Giving’ on Thursday 27th May in the Morrison Hotel, Dublin, costing €75. The session will be led by Kevin Kibble, one of the UK’s foremost experts on Tribute and In Memoriam fundraising.

In memoriam fundraising is one of the most underdeveloped areas of charity fundraising, yet when implemented successfully it delivers both significant income for the charity and a valuable focus for grieving donors. Many can find its effectiveness and donor-centric methodology difficult to grasp.

This valuable fundraising tool is often mistakenly seen as being too intrusive – yet donors tell us the opposite and can in fact become your most passionate supporters.

This seminar will look at:

  • the changes in society that are making in memoriam fundraising so successful
  • how in memoriam fundraising works and how it differs from legacies
  • what tribute fundraising is all about
  • how to talk to bereaved donors
  • ‘top tips’ on introducing in memoriam to your fundraising mix

To book now email your name, organisation and address to

One thought on “An Introduction to In Memoriam Fundraising

  1. Yes, I agree with that. Currently, we are using very narrow definitions for ‘fund raising’ and ‘giving’

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