Inspired by Impact

I often talk about Impact on this blog and I was inspired recently by, what I considered to be a great example of Impact driven donations.

I have followed the progress of the Grace iPhone Application for a few months now through Lisa Domican on twitter and her Irish Autism Blog. Autistic children have difficulty communicating, but this application on the iPhone helps children create sentences with pictures. This application opens a whole new world to the children and their families.

However not every family had access to an iphone…and here came the campaign.

Lisa started asking people on Twitter if they had an old iphone or itouch would they send them to her and she would send them to families. Then Lisa decided to ask people to donate so she could buy iphones for the families.

I saw this ask and I thought,  if I could get 20 people I know to donate 10 euros together we could buy an iPhone for one family. The impact of that just seemed really powerful, a little thing could make a huge difference.

I sent an email to friends and families and explained that

for just €10 we could, together, do something great and open a whole new world to these children and their families.

People responded, they were struck by the  fact that this was  an incredibly simple way to make an amazing impact on the lives of these children. So far almost 1,000 euros has been raised, thats 5 phones, for 5 families. The number isnt huge, but the impact is. Look at what people were saying on the donation website

What helped my ask  was the fact that Lisa had lots of information available as well as this great footage from the Irish news that showed how the application worked.

If you felt like adding 10 euros to help out here is the link


4 thoughts on “Inspired by Impact

  1. Thanks to you and your friends and all your support we have enough for 5 iPhones or iPod touch plus insurance. Will keep you in touch with who benefits xx

  2. Conor – we just hit €2180 almost halfway to target and it isnt even June! xx

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