The Ikea Approach

Im sure most people have been to Ikea at least once. There are two things that strike me about Ikea every time I visit and I think we fundraisers can learn from it.

Firstly they never (ever) miss an opportunity to remind you of the great stuff they have available. When you walk in the front door they are displaying beds and household goods, and you arent even in the household or bedroom area. When you do get to those areas they are showing you stuff for kids or kitchen items. Then at the check out they are reminding you of the meatballs that you ate in the canteen, and offering you the chance to take them home!! Secondly Ikea  don’t want you wandering aimlessly around the store, they want to show you the best way to move and get the most out of your experience, so they direct you around their store.

This is the Ikea Approach and I think that fundraisers need to remember this when thinking about their organizations interactions with donors.

We need to never miss an opportunity to remind our donors of the great stuff that we do and we need to make it easy for them to donate (just like Ikea make it easy to purchase). We also need to direct them , direct them with an ask, direct them with a project that needs support, direct them to new areas of work. We cant assume that our donors will have all day to find out about our organization, so we need to make sure we tell them about our great work, remind them about it again and then direct them to donate (how and how much)

Of course the Ikea approach isn’t flawless and  one area where Ikea can learn from us is the follow up and post shopping experience. I have never once had any communication from Ikea after a trip there, they have never thanked me, or checked that the flat pack experience worked out ok.


4 thoughts on “The Ikea Approach

  1. I visited Ikea last year, just once, and I have to say I didn’t enjoy the experience at all. It was pretty crowded (which normally I have no problem with) but I found it incredibly difficult to navigate and had a nasty feeling of sensory deprivation! I do like the style though, so I reckon ordering online (or going to the Belfast store when I move there) might be an option, to give them a second chance

    • Hi Conor,
      Thanks for the comment, I suppose I should have said in my post how much I, personally, don’t like shopping in Ikea, I actually get sensory overload! But I think from the perspective of learning from something that works the idea of reminding people of the good stuff you do and directing them to act is something us fundraisers can learn from

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