How Non Profits Are Using Social Media

I came across this on a Tweet from Amy McGeever and its originally posted on Mashable. Many non-profits wonder whether they should use social media, how they should use it and what benefits it will bring to them (mostly they wonder will it raise money for them). This piece, by Melissa Jun Rowley, gives some good examples of how some non profits are using social media.

The article highlights three ways that non profits are using social media;

  1. To Increase Brand Awareness
  2. To Connect with the broader non profit community
  3. To get to know your audience

The piece then gives examples, like this, for each of these highlighted areas:

Life Rolls On Foundation (LRO) In 1996, Surfer Magazine named Jesse Billauer one of the top up-and-coming wave riders in the world. That same year, he had a surfing accident, which rendered him quadriplegic. Determined to live his life to the fullest and to encourage others to do the same, Jesse became a motivational speaker after he was injured, and with his brother Josh Billauer  established LRO to advocate for youth with spinal chord injury.

Through the power of online video, LRO’s small staff of three people and numerous volunteers around the world have built a brand famous within the surfing community and beyond. Videos like this one

The articles conclusion is great:

Of course, social media tools are not magic wands that will transform a non-profit or any business overnight. Social media platforms are simply additional channels, which non-profits can use to market their messages and their needs. Any magic that transpires is an act of the people who listen and learn from the stories of non-profits and their supporters via the Internet and beyond.

You can read the full article here


2 thoughts on “How Non Profits Are Using Social Media

  1. Awesome post! Thanks a lot. I would much like to post a copy paste on my own blog. Is that all right if I credit you? Thanks and please let me know by email. Cheers /Isaac

    • Please do, as you will see the content comes from another source so please make sure to credit them too. Thanks

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