Being green is ‘fundamental’ for brands

This is an interesting article from UTalk Marketing’s breakfast briefings. The term “perceived green” worries me a bit, will it lead to Green Washing?

Being perceived as green is now a fundamental attribute for all brands, according to the fifth annual ImagePower Green Brands Survey release this morning (June 11).

The research, carried out by WPP agencies Cohen & Wolfe, Landor Associates and Penn Schoen Berland, polled more than 9000 consumers in eight countries, including the UK, US, Brazil and China.

The survey found that a majority of consumers plan to spend the same or more on green products this year despite being perceived as more expensive the “standard” alternative, which remains the biggest barrier to growth in developed countries.

Selection and labeling are the biggest challenges in developing countries although over 70% in China, India and Brazil said they would spend more on eco-friendly products this year.

But while green rates behind value for money, trustworthy and caring for consumers, Landor chief strategy officer, Russ Meyer, said that this year’s study shows to continues to become more important to consumers.

“For the last few years we’ve seen interest in green brands increase in every country surveyed. Being seen as environmentally conscious continues to be an important brand attribute with all consumers,” said  Meyer. “Although still a differentiator in many categories, brand managers must remember that being seen as green is becoming a fundamental attribute for all brands.”

Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, Ikea and Apple were among the brands considered among the greenest alongside Google and grocery retailer Whole Foods. The Body Shop topped the UK survey.

Annie Longsworth, global sustainability practice leader at Cohn & Wolfe, said a key trend uncovered in this year’s survey was consumer recognition of “helper brands”. She added: “While preference for brands that are ‘in me, on me, around me’ is still prevalent, consumers also value brands that make going green easier for them through online tools, tips and other forms of engagement through communication.”


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