Working our way out….

I had a discussion a few weeks ago about a lot of things to do with the non profit sector and one of the things that cropped up, really briefly, was about the need for/existence of non profits. But not in the sense of “there are too many” etc…. The point we both briefly made, and both agreed on was this:

We both felt that as non profit professionals our ultimate goal should be to work ourselves out of a job. Our organisations should be set up so that we aim to have such an impact that we are no longer required. It would be great if we all set about our jobs with the goal of Working ourselves out of a job! Scary thought isn’t it!

But imagine if one day you were able to close your organisation and say to your stakeholders, we have achieved what we have set out to achieve. Now there’s Impact.

What do you think? Pipe Dream or Reality? Anyone got an example of a charity that has achieved this?


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