2010 Non Profit Tag Line Awards – Are Open

The Taggies (The Non Profit Tag Line Awards) are open for nominations.

This year there are three new categories —Special Event, Fundraising Campaign and Program (product, service or other program) taglines—in addition to Organizational taglines.

So enter one  today!

Im looking forward to seeing who is on the judging panel as it is going to be made up of experts in nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

You can enter up to four (4) separate taglines—one for each of the award program’s categories: your organization’s tagline; a tagline for any program operated by your organization; a tagline for a fundraising campaign; and a tagline for any special event your organization produces.

All entrants will receive a free copy of the fully-updated 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Report in late fall. It’s the only complete guide to building your org’s brand in 8 words or less—filled with how-tos, don’t-dos and models.
Here are the winners of the 2008 and 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Awards (each year selected by nearly 6,000 voters in the field).


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