Philanthropy in Ireland – meet up

Any readers of this blog in Ireland will probably have read the McKinsey & Co report “Philanthropy in the Republic of Ireland. The report suggests three initiatives they feel will improve Philanthropy in Ireland:

  1. Improve the giving culture
  2. Mobilise resources of philanthropy
  3. Expand & Strengthen underlying infrastructure

It is great to have this report and these suggestions, but are we all going to read it and let it sit on our shelves? Or are we going to try take some action and see how we can, together, bring some of the suggestions to life?

Seems to me like an opportunity.

So I am suggesting that we should meet up to discuss (informally) what role we should or could play in achieving these initiatives. Niall O’ Sullivan has kindly made the boardroom of the Community Foundation for Ireland available on Wednesday July 21st (4pm-5.30pm) for anyone who is interested in coming along to discuss the report.

This is an open invitation so if you are interested comment on this post, email me, or email Niall and just let us know you will be attending.

Please feel free to spread the word by forwarding this post


7 thoughts on “Philanthropy in Ireland – meet up

  1. Good idea, it’s in my diary..

  2. Hi Conor, A very good idea, I cant be there but wish you well with it and look forward to an update later on how what emerges. Siobhán

  3. Hi Conor: I think that this kind of discussion is really needed. Count me in


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