Decision Paralysis

I am a big advocate for directing donors, some people I work with prefer to let the donor decide their action. Whenever I hear that I worry!

Just as bad as no choices are offering too many choices. I recently saw a fundraising campaign which was very focussed in terms of call to action and timing and it has moved to a broader call to action and a “do it when you like” timing.

I would love to know how it’s going? My guess is not as well previous years.

Even giving donors a few choices leads to decision paralysis. Anyone who has read the Heath brothers book “Switch” will have read their example of the research carried out on doctors by Redelmeier & Shafir. In their research they gave one group of docs 2 choices, operate or try a new medication, 47% opted to try the new meds hoping to avoid an operation for their patient. However when another group was given 3 options, operate or 2 new meds, a whopping 72% chose to operate! The more options they had caused them to freeze and retreat to default, operate. For us, a donor default is to not donate! So guide the donor, don’t confuse them, don’t give them decision paralysis.

You are making the ask, so ask!


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