100% donations from 100% of networks

It was announced yesterday (in Civil Society) that Vodafone UK is to become the first mobile phone operator to pass on 100% of donations to charities via text messaging. UK charities will receive the full amount when donors give £1 or more via Vodafone’s five digit short code numbers. Donors will still pay their standard SMS rate to make the donation.

This is fantastic news and congratulations to Vodafone UK for leading the way on this.

I cant take away from the work all the networks do individually across the UK and Ireland to support their chosen charities, but surely this is something that could make a massive difference to charities across both countries. I believe that now is the time for all other networks to follow suit, and not just in the UK but also in Ireland. If you agree with me then click here and sign the petition.

Use this link http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/100percent/ to send the petition around to people you know in the industry and get them to sign it. Use forums and twitter to link back to this post and petition. Let’s try mobilise our industry to get the mobile industry to pass on 100% of donations from 100% of networks.

Sign the Petition Here

If you can’t get onto the petition (some companies may filter it) then please just add your support as a comment.

networks on twitter

  • @vodafoneuk
  • @VodafoneIreland
  • @o2ukofficial
  • @O2IRL
  • @conorfromorange
  • @3mobile
  • @Meteor_Mobile
  • @tmobileofficial


8 thoughts on “100% donations from 100% of networks

  1. That’s great progress, hopefully we can get the same policies introduced here sooner rather than later

    • Thanks Kevin…got a reply from Vodafone Ireland on twitter to say they have passed it on internally. At least it was a reply!

  2. Great call Conor, couldn’t agree more and you know have our full support!! I’ve tweeted and Facebooked it and signed the petition myself…lets hope its effective

  3. Sounds like a cracking idea to me, a win-win situation!

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  5. I saw these guys at the fundraising convention in London last week: http://www.donate-mobile.com/ It’s a new mobile network that donates 10% of your spend directly to a charity of your choice. They are in negotiations with Vodafone to use their infrastructure and hope to launch in the UK in 2011. If successful they will look at bringing it to Ireland.

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