St. Johns Ambulance wins Gold at Cannes

Congrats to St.Johns Ambulance for winning Gold at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

According to Civil Society this was the charity’s  first campaign in almost 15 years and was part of a new brand strategy, developed by BBH with an emphasis on the importance of first aid skills.

It focused on images depicting five common situations where people die needlessly and how first aid could have helped.

Quoted on Civil Society Scott Jacobson, director of marketing, communications and fundraising at St John Ambulance, said: “People debate whether advertising is an art or a science; at BBH it is the best of both. Their ability to marry creativity and strategic intent is second to none. The brand proposition and creative they developed for St John Ambulance have totally repositioned us an organisation and changed the way people think about first aid.”

The charity’s CEO Sue Killen is also referenced in the article as calling for businesses to make first aid part of their corporate social responsibility by providing first aid training to more than the minimum requirement of their staff.


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