Teens Are Stupid

This is a campaign by the Irish Cancer Society, presumably to try and discourage teenagers from smoking. It must be one of the hardest campaigns to run, and I really do wish them well with this new Teens Are Stupid Campaign. But essentially teenagers don’t really want to listen to people in authority telling them that they shouldnt smoke, it just makes them want to smoke. And no matter how they try the Irish Cancer Society is an authority figure. I came across this video on a weekend when 80,000 teenagers were heading to Irelands biggest music festival, probably going to see most artists on stage smoking!

Unfortunatly, I think this video misses the mark. I think they are trying to get all their messages across, but they have got caught up with organisational speak.

What do you think? Anyone got good examples of anti-smoking campaigns aimed at teenagers?


11 thoughts on “Teens Are Stupid

  1. Hi Conor,

    Thanks for sharing the video. Interesting. Agree with you that it’s well intentioned, but sadly misses the mark.

    The best anti-smoking cmapaign I’ve heard of is the Florida ‘truth’ campaign, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TheTruth.com) which went national in the States.

    The video looks like a bad attempt to try and re-create some of that success.



  2. Hi Craig & Conor,

    What did you guys think of the guerrilla pieces and the cinema advertising?


  3. Hi Chris,

    I haven’t seen them I’m afraid. I was just commenting on the video Conor had above. Do you have a link?


    p.s. apologies for all the typo’s in my first comment!

    • Thanks, hadn’t seen anything bar the website and video, will take a look at other stuff now

    • Just took a look, imagine the Cinema Ad creates some interest. Any stats or results on the campaign yet? (as an aside always wonder about cinema ads that have a website call to action, do they work?)

      Chris are you with the agency that developed this?

  4. Hi Conor

    Think that this campaign will have trouble connecting with yong people. How do you expect young people to respect ypou or a campaign that is titled teens are stupid. think that the title is disrespectful to young people.


    • Thanks so much for the comment, yes I do worry about the campaign, I think its a tough one for them to address, but not sure this hits the mark (maybe younger teens may be into it?)

  5. Hi conor

    sorry for the typos


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