Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign

The British Association of Dermatologists was in touch with me to show me their new ad and website. They are an organisation that raise awareness of the importance of early detection in preventing deaths from skin cancer (Only a quarter of people in the UK currently check their skin for changes associated with the early signs of the disease).

The idea for the campaign is to challenge people to check for changes to their skin which may be an early detection of skin cancer.

I was asked for my opinion on the ad and the website. I liked the idea that it looked like a regular skin product campaign, but then thought perhaps that it would lose people. When the model started talking I was kind of hoping for a Boddingtons Ad moment (check it out here). So I think they may have missed a trick in terms of the ad being memorable.

I was also left very unclear about what I should be looking for if I was checking for skin cancer. Which is the purpose of the ad and the website. When I asked about this they referred me to this section of the site, again to me this probably makes sense to someone in the field, but to me, it made things no clearer.

So what do you think? BAD are really interested in getting feedback


4 thoughts on “Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign

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  2. Hi, Conor. I’m sorry to say I don’t like it at all. I got very excited when I received notification of this post and I was hoping to find something exciting to share amongst my friends on FB or twitter and raise awareness on the subject.
    Your post is spot on, as ever, and I’ll be happy to share it and hopefully get you I leave you some links to Australian adds on skin cancer I liked.

    The next two are not for the squeamish

    This is from their Slip!, Slop!, Slap! children aimed campaigns that have been running since the 80s

    • Thanks so much, I can’t wait to check the Australian stuff, I like what they do, they are normally pretty straight to the point!

  3. Oooops Some of my comment words are missing now. I wonder what I did before posting LOL

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